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Assistant Teacher Program

 Love to dance? Have a passion for instructing? TDPS has created a program that integrates both interests of those who envision themselves as lifelong dancers and future teachers and leaders. Build your resume with TDPS’s Assistant Program!

Dancers enrolled in 4 or more classes and aged 13 or above can apply for the Dance Teaching Assistant Program. This program is designed to give current students hands-on experience in becoming trained dance instructors and mature leaders. The assistant works alongside the class teacher to help each class run smoothly and efficiently.  


The opportunity to serve as a Dance Teaching Assistant is not only a great honor and responsibility but also an invaluable learning experience that may result in future work references and teaching opportunities. Teacher’s Assistants represent The Dance Place Studio and must be exemplary students and volunteers. Any misconduct, poor behavior, sportsmanship, or disrespect of fellow dancers/instructors in the classroom or at performance/events will result in an immediate termination of position.

All assistants will be evaluated and assessed by the director and instructor periodically. Schedules are subject to change throughout the program year based on class enrollment.




The director and staff determine assistant approval.

Interest does not guarantee assisting hours.

Assistants are compensated in credit towards their monthly tuition.

Assistant Application
Days Available to Assist
There will be an assisting meeting on Wednesday, September 6th from 6:30-7:30 pm

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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