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Laura Motta

Miss Laura received her gymnastics and dance training while enrolled at Interstate Gymnastics, Dance & Fitness (Methuen, MA), where she reached the status of a level 8 gymnast. While earning her bachelor's degree at Worcester State College, she found her true calling when joining the Dance Company as a dancer and choreographer. She is also a USA Gymnastics member certified in Safety & Risk Management. She currently resides in Worcester, MA, with her husband and three children.

Laura has been teaching dance for 17 years and is looking forward to bringing her years of experience with Acro Dance to the TDPS this season!

"My passion is working with children of all ages. To see my students try something new and succeed is one of my greatest joys. I am a firm believer in positive thinking and know from experience that it is contagious. I try to instill the best habits in my students, both physically and mentally."
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