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Elite Performance Challenge

March 18th & 19th - North High School | Worcester, MA

Advanced Senior Duo/Trio

1st Overall - "Eleanor Rigby"

2nd Overall - "Carry You"

Advanced Senior Small Group

1st Place Overall - "Something in the Orange"

Elite Platinum Recipients

Advanced Junior Small Group

1st Place Overall - "No Diggity"

2nd Place Overall - "Half Light"

Advanced Junior Super Group/Line

1st Place Overall - "Cell Block Tango"

Advanced Junior Large Group

6th Place Overall - "FunkyTown"

Recreational Mini Duo/Trio

1st Overall - "Witches are Back"

MOVE The Initiative Scholarship Recipient

Taylor Volckmann


Advanced Senior Solos

2nd Overall:"Litost" - Maggie

4th Overall: "Back to Black" - Lily

5th Overall: "Fourth of July" - Maya

9th Overall: "Trouble" - Julia

Advanced Teen Solos

3rd Overall: "Over the Rainbow" - Lainey

5th Overall: "Almost to the Moon" - Violet

7th Overall: "Wavelength" - Rachael

8th Overall: "Fade Away" - Taylor

Recreational Junior Solos

5th Place Overall: "Wondering" - Olivia

Recreational Mini Solos

2nd Overall: "Everybody Wants to be a Cat" - Caitlyn


Dynamic Performance Challenge

April 15th & 16th - DCU Center | Worcester, MA

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